Project Description
A mobile app designed for internal use at Bell Mobility. Assistive to managers and team leads who use operation statistics to better understand field service technician performance.
My Role
Coaching two UX designers at Bell Mobility through user testing, as well as in the UI design of the app was where I had major involvement. Bell Mobility had concepts but couldn’t get the user flow to be accepted by it’s users, which were all internal employees. I re-did the user testing phase with some design changes, and designed the entire UI according to Bell Mobility’s branding guidelines.
Team Results
A comparison between teams and team members also provides insight on who is performing well with certain services, and where adjustments need to be made.
Performance Trends
Data is used to provide users a history of performance compared to the same times last year. Predictions are also made on the volume of service that is needed for specific time periods in order to prepare for those workloads.
A leaderboard is provided to show users who is a top performer and who is falling behind. This is a great tool for managers to view customer service issues and find the best way to address them.
My Thoughts & Experience
Working with a large corporation such as Bell Canada revealed how slow projects move along in a corporate environment. It was interesting to see that large, recognized organizations like Bell still use very old design processes and methodologies to produce apps that are targeted for current or future use.
Thinking About Hiring Me?
Design is like a joke.
If you have to explain it, it’s probably not that good.