Project Description
An online marketplace that connects individuals and business owners to unskilled help in their local area. Two separate apps were designed. One for individuals posting jobs, and another for individuals tending to those jobs.
My Role
Leading a team of UX designers in a start-up atmosphere, I had major involvement in testing the flow of new features, coming up with innovative ways to accomplish unique problems, and was fully responsible for the UI design of both apps.
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Sign Up & Sign In
Signing in or registering for an account is done simply with your mobile number. Emails, usernames, and passwords were avoided to reduce the amount of time and information needed to sign up a new user.
Onboarding is used as a quick and visual way of explaining the core purpose of the application. This brought higher user retention and lowered the drop-off rate after sign up.
Job Posting Process
A key performance indicator for this app is the amount of jobs posted per day. Having an extremely simple job posting process ensures the most amount of jobs are being posted with the least amount of usability issues.
Scheduling is provided to both user types as a way to see which jobs have been accepted by a worker, and to let workers know what type of money they stand to earn with certain workloads.
The reviewing system was designed with 3 options instead of asking for a star-rating. Showing the user less options makes decision making easier, which drives more genuine and accurate reviews so workers can provide the best experience possible.
Map View
The map view was used as a method to view data about posted jobs in a visual way instead of showing details about the job as text. This proved to show more user engagement and re-engagement.
Tiering Workers
Tiering our workers is an example of when UX design leaves the screen. We tier all of our workers based on how many good reviews they get to give them the first look at newly posted jobs first. This ensures that our users who are posting jobs always get the best suited worker first.
My Thoughts & Experience
This idea was faced with many challenges where the user experience had to be considered off of the screen, which was entirely new for me. A great example of this is how to ensure job posters have the best experience when interacting with people who want to do their job. Situations like this happen outside of the app and are incredibly important to the user experience. Coming up with ideas on how to design the apps in a way where the decisions made on-screen would affect the experience off-screen was an eye-opening discovery.
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