Project Description
A bleeding-edge Learning Management System (LMS) used at a global scale. This web application handles the supply, distribution, application, and usage of digital products from ELL Technologies’ suite of online learning resources. The LMS is used by five different users; admins, distributors, clients, teachers, and students. Each dashboard has specific capabilities and permissions for each use case, such as progress tracking, reporting, course creation, license assignment, classroom chat, and much more...
My Role
Leading a team of aspiring UI/UX designers in an agile-based environment, I had major involvement in building prototypes, conducting user research, and scaling a design system. I also collaborated with stakeholders and worked closely with scrum teams to ensure a high level of success for this web application.
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Product Launcher
Students and teachers can access over 1600 hours of English language learning content through an organized, structured product launcher. The entire digital suite of learning content is designed responsively so students and teachers can access their course on any device.
Progress Tracking
A student’s progress is tracked throughout their sessions and is displayed in a clean and intuitive layout. This information is easily accessible while offering pathways to where the student left off. Teachers can also view their student’s progress from their own dashboard and compile custom reports on individuals, or classrooms as a whole. Clients are able to keep track of usage statistics important to them such as average session length, and amount of content completed.
Reporting was designed so any user type can create a custom report with the information they need. This kept the experience consistent across all dashboards which allows designers to add features and fix user flows for multiple users with one solution.
The dashboards for users like students and teachers were designed with a strong focus on collaboration. Teachers can manage their classrooms and use a custom designed chat feature that facilitates communication, collaboration, which also features content filtering for a safe and friendly experience.
License Management
Educational and government institutes have an administrator that purchases licenses for their students to use throughout their semester. An intuitive interface using wizards provides an automated process for data heavy inputs like registering thousands of students at once. These processes were kept consistent to keep the learning curve for a new user as easy as possible.
Digital Product Suite
Usage analytics showed that students do most of their work on their mobile device. Each product was designed responsively to look great on any device. This helps drive user engagement by providing a great experience specifically for each user and their environment.
My Thoughts & Experience
This project was an amazing exercise in leading a team of aspiring UI/UX designers. Managing a team while being involved in the design process for a product used by users in multiple languages was a great experience. Adapting my design process to work in an agile environment was a great addition to my skill-set.
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