Case Study
Invoice Approval Workflow
Who are Versapay’s customers?
Large enterprise clients that send thousands of invoices out on a monthly basis.
How does Versapay make money?
Suppliers like Pepsi, Sysco, and Michelin pay a subscription fee to use & white-label our product to their customers.
How does Versapay measure success?
Largely by customer satisfaction. Surveys are regularly conducted to determine the current sentiment towards the product & brand.
So where do I come in?
I started as the sole designer and later grew the design organization to a team of three. I was responsible for creating the design system and staring a user research program, while also working very closely with product & engineering throughout the design process.
What was wrong?
Some customers required invoices above a certain amount to be approved before they get paid. The product did not offer this capability, so customers would often have work-arounds and out-of-product processes in order to pay those invoices, resulting in them taking longer to make a payment.
How did we find out?
Suppliers started to mention to us that customers wouldn’t pay certain invoices until they were approved, and requested a way of seeing whether an invoice had been approved.

Customers would also request this feature, but did not want to disclose the approval status to their suppliers.
Why was this important to work on?
Supplier Benefits:
Ability to offer built-in capabilities that result in customers paying invoices faster.

Customer Benefits:
Another paper/slow process can be digitized to better vertically integrate their AR operations.

Business Benefits:
Keeping customers happy results in them paying their suppliers faster, which keeps Versapay’s customer satisfaction high.
What kind of research was done?
The majority of research for this feature was done through conducting user interviews with customers who would utilize the feature.

A thorough competitor analysis was also done.
What was the strategy?
I like to ask broad questions to gather context about the user, analyze their current workflow, then potentially find opportunities to any pain points.
Who conducted the research?
Designers are expected to conduct their own research such as user interviews, prototype testing, and results digestion.
Prototype Testing & HiFi Designs
This feature was prototype tested with a few select customers. The results of those tests are brought back to the team for review. Final designs are then handed off to engineering.
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Customer adoption rate in the first three months of release.
Average ADP (Average Days to Pay) reduction for those customers.
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